Thursday, 18 September 2014

Stress Testing For Web Based Applications

Stress and scenario testing is an important element in firms’ planning and risk management processes, helping them to identify, analyze and manage the risks within their businesses.

Oniyosys offers a truly effective and streamlined solution for Stress Testing your software and web application. Our stress testing services enables you to deploy your application with assurance that it will endure contemporary and near future levels of load. Our testing services have helped organizations in accomplishing predictable and ameliorated quality levels.

The key objective of this testing method is to check if the system can manage the load variations and thus the highest level of stress, and still function, as per the defined performance standards.

We provides load & Stress Testing services, Web app load testing, Endurance Testing, as it is also referred to, aims to test the system by putting it under heavy load, and checks its ability to perform the tasks under these stress conditions.

Stress Testing is done to evaluate the application’s behavior beyond normal or peak load conditions. It is basically testing the functionality of the application under high loads. Normally these are related to synchronization issues, memory leaks or race conditions etc. Some testing experts also call it as fatigue testing. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to set up a controlled environment before running the test. Example of Stress testing is:

A banking application can take a maximum user load of 20000 concurrent users. Increase the load to 21000 and do some transaction like deposit or withdraw. As soon as you did the transaction, banking application server database will sync with ATM database server. Now check with the user load of 21000 does this sync happened successfully. Now repeat the same test with 22000 thousand concurrent users and so on.
Stress Testing helps to determine:
  • Errors in slowness & at peak user loads
  • Any security loop holes with over loads
  • How the hardware reacts with over loads
  • Data corruption issues at over loads
Need for Stress Testing :

Almost 90% of the software/systems are developed with an assumption that they will be operating under normal scenario. And even if it is considered that the limit of normal operating conditions will be crossed, it is not considerably as high as it really could be.

Stress Testing also helps minimizing your risk of failure. Bugs and errors are common in the computer field. But this is very discouraging and retards the growth in economy to a large extent. A study revealed that half of the losses incurred can be deal with by improving the investigations done of the software. Testing its parameters and infrastructures will help being competing and relieve to combat circumstances like heavy load, peak traffic etc.

Goals and benefits by stress testing:
  1. Endurance ability- when subjected to heavy load, web applications breakdown. This is common especially during peak traffic hour, when there are too many people round the globe accessing the same site of the same web page. Thus, the software has to be programmed to perform in dire circumstances too.
  2. Improve security- web directories should not be accessed without being asked or requested to open or download.

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