Thursday, 18 September 2014

Software Testing Companies in India

Software testing is the most important functionality in the Software Development life Cycle as it exhibits all the mistakes and errors in the developed software. Without rectifying theses errors, which in the technical words are called the “bugs” the software development is not considered to be complete. Hence, Software testing is an important parameter for the assured quality of the product.

Oniyosys is a software testing company that evaluates the quality and checks the potency of the program for the required output.

All software testing companies in and across India follow two methods of Testing, i.e. MANUAL TESTING and AUTOMATED TESTING. Though when any of these methods are used by the Software Testing Companies, they further branch out in various types of testing standards like the White box testing, Black box testing, Incremental integration testing, Unit testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, System testing, End-to-end testing, etc.depending on the given set of requirements and cases.Software testing companies plays an important role to perform the following:


Verify and validate the software product

Software Testing Companies performs verification and validation process to determine whether the system meets its predefined goals or not and it helps to ensure that the output is correct. Although this process can be done by your own, it will be more effective if it is performed by an independent testing agency.

Improve the quality 

You have to bear in mind that the presence of bugs in the software application can cause irreparable losses. Hence, I would say the quality of the software is of utmost importance. By appointing a testing company, its test engineer will be able to make sure that the software meets the quality standards.

Prove the usability and operability of the software product

When the software is released to a selected group of users, we need to ensure that the particular software can be used and operated smoothly. By getting a service provider to perform the testing, you will be able to prove to the users that the software is both usable and operable. Any problem faced by the users will be recorded and analyzed.

Prevent defect migration

Frankly speaking, early detection and debugging of errors will definitely help to save a lot of costs. By getting a Software Testing Companies, its professionals will help to detect the errors in the software requirements gathering phase and prevent these errors from migrating to the subsequent phase. You will not suffer huge losses if early prevention has been done.

In short, software testing always trails back to back. It checks the effectiveness of the program and evaluates its output as per requirement. It is indeed important to hire a software testing company to assist you.

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