Thursday, 18 September 2014

Software Testing Services in India

Oniyosys is leading independent outsourced Software Testing Services provider company in India having broad spectrum of testing services caters to the current and upcoming needs of the customers. Our key strength lies in our continuous focus towards creating a benchmark delivery to the customers by using our dedicated resource pool of expertise. Testing Life Cycle is a part of Development Life Cycle. We help our clients Testing their system or application under controlled conditions and evaluate these conditions in both normal and abnormal conditions.

Any organization that neglects this important process in software development life cycle and the quality control standards can destroy its own image and the brand value of the company. Furthermore, considering about the drastic outcome any negligence in Software Testing Services can result in the waste of the whole amount of money that you have spent on your project. Having a software test plan is a necessary feature of any software documentation. The reason of software testing can be quality assurance, confirmation or reliability estimation. These days software is widely used in many critical applications, and the outcome of a bug in any software can cause huge losses.
Software Processes which are part of the Software Testing Life Cycle:

Test Maintenance: Tracking and analysis primarily are part of test maintenance and there are various tools involved including Rational Test Manager which are used to help out the process.

Test Automation: Test automation consists of automated tools for creation of test cases and their analysis. Testing on e-commerce applications also called e-testing is also a part of test automation.

Defect Management: Defect management involves tracking & analysis of the defects found during the testing phase. This process requires tools like Rational ClearQuest & other bug and defect tracking tools.

Test Environment Management: The setup and configuration of a test environment is important for the process of software testing. Virtualization tools are used to ensure perfect environment replications and timely deployment of the Test Lab.

Many software development companies provide Software Testing Services and maintenance services along with their specialized development services. It is important to consult with software developers about their development plan so as to expect bug-free software project.

The main aim of Software Testing Services is to identify the bugs and glitches that can hamper the performance of applications for the user. The quality assurance tests which are recommended to carry out at each stage ensure better product quality for the users. It not only helps in identifying and solving the bugs but also helps in saving time and money, which makes it cost-effective to a great extent. In addition to this, testing of software also helps to assess the actual time of its release.

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