Thursday, 18 September 2014

Software Application Testing Services

The main purpose of application testing is to find defects or failures in the product or application. Also during the test planning it’s decided what constitutes an “important defect”. Usually an important defect is the one that influences the usability and functionality of an application and makes it hard for the customer to use the application.

Oniyosys offers a truly effective and streamlined solution for Application Testing your software and web application. Our application testing services enables you to deploy your application with assurance that it will endure contemporary and near future levels of load. Our testing services have helped organizations in accomplishing predictable and ameliorated quality levels.

The application must successfully pass all test conditions before it is ready for the general customer. However by testing one cannot establish the fact that the product will function properly under all conditions. Rather it will be able to highlight those specific conditions under which the product will not function properly.

There are various methods of conducting Application Testing namely static and dynamic testing. The process of dynamic testing is more often used than static testing. The process of dynamic testing is conducted when the application is run or executed for the first time. It is primarily used to test some specific sections of the code.

Application testing can be carried out at any point of time during the development process. However, most of the testing takes place after each and every requirement is fulfilled and the coding process is completed.
Testing a web application is an important part of preparing it for release. From usability to loading performance, there are several areas of a program that the testing phase evaluates, and the key to proper evaluation is proper test design. Although different applications can require different test procedures, some procedures are ubiquitous.

Application Testing offers an independent viewpoint to the business to understand and evaluate the risks associated with the product or the software. The test procedure basically includes executing the application to find out software bugs.

A good web application testing plan ensures that a web application is functional and user-friendly. By empowering the testing phase to evaluate critical areas of user experience, companies can develop applications that are instantly user friendly – an important aspect of sales momentum during an application’s release period.

Most web applications require several types of testing, but perhaps none of them is as important as testing for user acceptance. If a program contains problems that significantly affect how it performs for end users, it can fail to generate enough sales to justify the cost of developing it.

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