Thursday, 18 September 2014

QA & Software Testing Services in India

To improve your software quality Oniyosys offers specialized Quality Assurance Services. SQA are extremely crucial in the SDLC and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project.

Oniyosys' has a unique combination of skilled software testing team with proven testing methodologies for wide range of testing solutions in variety of situations. This includes new application/ product testing, supports and integration.

Software Quality Assurance Services offerings are often misled as just a step being followed at the end of the software development releases. Oniyosys believes quality is a true umbrella activity and ensures the success of your products with our abilities and stringent standards in controlling the deliveries to our clients. This involves defined testing cycles on each value addition done by us as a service provider to your product.

Software quality assurance refers to the process by which software defects present in newly developed software programs or products are identified and fixed. If you develop software or are in the process of custom software applications then it critical to address the quality needs that would arise to meet all your business objectives. To ensure the quality that is desired, it is necessary to have a QA team or group that is tasked with that job. However a lot of times allocated a large pools of resources to the testing or QA function seems to be in-effective as the resources cannot be effectively utilized throughout the development cycle. There are phases where the resource requirements could be quite large while sometimes the need may not be as much. Hiring and keeping a large team of testers on staff could be cost prohibitive due to the fluctuating testing needs.
Software Quality Assurance Services & software testing’s main aim is to produce bug lists for development teams. In commercial world, testing is one of the most important tasks of any software development services. In software testing services, testers are usually expected to provide immediate feedback at all times while the programs and specifications keep evolving. Above all to provide software testing services, testers should be able to find out the status of a new build.

Oniyosys provides value addition with,
  • Hosted centralized issue tracking system.
  • Real time support for issues added by the clients.
  • Partnerships with multiple vendors ensuring success of product on various targeted platforms.
  • Clear understanding of global processes ensuring six sigma way of quality in product development.
  • Abilities of testing on multiple platforms and operating systems.

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