Thursday, 18 September 2014

Software Quality Assurance Services

Software quality is one of the pivotal aspects of a software development company. Software quality assurance starts from the beginning of a project, right from the analysis phase. Software quality assurance is an inevitable part of the software product development industry. Every IT company performs various activities and follows various strategies to ensure the quality of their product.

Oniyosys is a software testing company that evaluates the Software Quality and checks the potency of the program for the required output.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is defined as a well planned and systematic approach to evaluate the software quality. It checks the adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures. SQA includes the systematic process of assuring that standards and procedures are established and are followed throughout the software development life cycle and test cycle as well. The compliance of the built with agreed-upon standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, project management etc.

Software quality is conformance to explicitly state functional and performance requirements, explicitly documented development standards, and implicit characteristics that are expected of all professionally developed software.

Software Quality Assurance has become a pivotal process nowadays as a failure or erroneous operation of mission-critical software might result in serious consequences like substantial financial loss and missed targets. With the advancement of technology apps and stringent regulatory requirements it has become that much challenging need for high Software Quality and thorough Verification & Validation of the application software.

Oniyosys provides following Software quality factors:
  • Correctness
– Accuracy, completeness of required output
– Up­to­dateness, availability of the information
  • Reliability
– Maximum failure rate
  • Efficiency
– Resources needed to perform software function
  • Integrity
– Software system security, access rights
  • Usability
– Ability to learn, perform required task Software Quality Factors
  • Maintainability
– Effort to identify and fix software failures (modularity,
documentation, etc)
  • Flexibility
– Degree of adaptability (to new customers, tasks, etc)
  • Testability
– Support for testing Software Quality Factors
  • Portability
– Adaptation to other environments (hardware, software)
  • Reusability
– Use of software components for other projects
  • Interoperability
– Ability to interface with other components/systems

Software Quality is paramount; however, in the haste of software release into the market this parameter used to be often compromised on by most of the enterprises until sometime back. Times have changed and so has the perception of the global enterprise community. It is clearly understood now that software quality cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. It’s when the role of functional testing services comes to the forefront.

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