Thursday, 18 September 2014

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is based on the external behavior of the software under test, otherwise known as ‘black-box testing’, which means that no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic is required. An example of a form of this type of software testing is ‘Security Testing’, which tests the functions relating to threats from malicious persons and viruses etc. Interoperability testing can also be considered to be a form of Functional Testing as the capability of the software product to interact with other specified components or systems is being tested.

Oniyosys gives you total control over the Functional Software Testing process – from specifying test requirements and selecting testers, to reviewing bugs and test cases. Our platform is integrated with bug-tracking systems like Rally, Bugzilla, Pivotal and JIRA, so we’re a perfect fit for companies looking to add testing resources around peak release periods.

Functional testing is usually performed during the very first phase of testing process that any particular organization is responsible for in any release. There are a number of approaches of Functional Software Testing amongst which requirement based functional testing is one of the most powerful as well as effective approach. This method helps in reducing the number of concealed defects significantly that may be getting released into the production. The basic premise of this function is that a well-devised set of requirements gives the designers a definitive basis for designing the test cases.

Functional testing is the most widely accepted testing practice in software development life cycle. Without a well-defined and implemented “best” practice, Functional Software Testing will continue to be practiced incorrectly and suffer inaccurate or, at best, incomplete results. To reach this goal requires that a tool be supported by a well-defined practice for its use and be integrated into an organization’s software development process.

Oniyosys provide end-to-end functional testing services for product companies and Independent software vendors including Module, Integration and System Testing.

Functional testing is an integral part of software development which ensures software quality by performing end to end testing. In other words functional testing services ensure software is developed as specified in requirement document. As the name specifies functional, software is tested of its functionality or feature. Functional tests are taken by providing an input and observing the outputs. It is generally performed in controlled environment. Input parameters are specified considering the production environment so the real
time feed is provided to obtain the realistic results which are later compared with expected result sets.
Functional Software Testing is a kind of black box testing wherein least consideration is given to internal source code. Functional testing is uses interfaces like GUI, API, and CLI for executing test cases.

Our deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing for improved time to market for its clients. Its state of the art tool and technology agnostic test labs offer ‘on demand’ access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing and functional testing.

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